Anyone ever had to return anything to for a replacement?

    I bought a camera last week from but when i received it the box was damaged and the camera wouldn't turn on.

    So i contacted play and they arranged for royal mail to collect it and said once they have received it they would send out the replacement, this has been over a week ago now and i'm not sure how long i'm likely to wait.

    Tried phonng them but couldn't get through before.

    Anyone else had to return anything for a replacement and how long did it take?


    It took about 2 weeks for me to receive a replacement bag when they sent me the wrong one.

    I bought a Jivebox that took about 3 weeks to arrive. This arrived in a box that was not the original and the item was seriously damaged. I spoke with them (phoned them) and returned it to them and the new one took another 3 weeks to arrive.

    just phone them or email them


    2 weeks for me

    not bad if you think about it...3+days return...3+days delivery, couple of days to process, reverse pick, process, pick and despatch new item

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    Ok thanks for the replys, looks like i've got ato wait another week or so yet then.
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