Anyone ever hired a Minibus in France?

    Anyone had any experience of hiring a minibus in France. Looking to fly to Bergerac in the Dordogne as part of a group to stay in a villa for a week. Did the usual searches but it appears the largest all the main hire companies offer is a 5+2 MPV. Not enough and the £800 pricetag was taking the micky a bit.

    All help gratefully received.


    dates? and how many seats do you need?

    Minibuses are ridiculously priced abroad, you would be better hiring 3 cars, it will work out miles cheaper :thumbsup:

    driver licensing in the rest of europe is different to the UK and i seem to remember that they don't let you drive minibuses without a full vocational licence (ie a proper bus license and not just a car license with the restricted D1 on it)

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    End of May, for a week probably, nothing confirmed as yet due to getting 12 people to arrange time off. Looking at the car option I think Transit/Niall, as you said much easier to plan, just means if we go out for a drink then I'll have to do 3 runs (only non-drinker)

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    Minibus would be far easier though when you consider 6 guys (hand luggage) and 6 women + 45kg luggage each no doubt. If there are differing licencing laws there then it looks like the option is goosed.
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