Anyone ever jailbroken an ipod touch?

    If you dont know what this means then please ignore it. Ive just upgraded firmware to 2.1 and have downloaded a program called quickpwn.

    After i go through the process of 'jailbreaking' my touch how do i get applications on the ipod?

    If anyone has any good tips then please post.

    Thanks to all posts.



    Once, I touched a jailbait. But that's a different story.

    I've jailbroken my ipod touch, but i used ziphone. Not sure if it's similar to quickpwn, but on ziphone you get an icon that is called installer, in that you have loads of apps that you can install.

    If you need some advice or help i found the forum on very helpful.

    Once jailbroken, you will get an application called 'installer' or maybe 'cydia' which you can use to install new aps
    Use Quickpwn or ILiberty

    cydia if your using 2.1 , do a google on installous or, then you can get free appstore apps

    yep look through cydia it will have all the homebrew stuff listed. if you update the sources it will give you more options as well.

    what's the benefits of jailbreaking an ipod touch?


    what's the benefits of jailbreaking an ipod touch?

    extra apps to install!

    Is the G2 Ipod touches jailbreakable yet?


    Is the G2 Ipod touches jailbreakable yet?

    doesn't look like it has, that's what i've got too :-(

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    cheers for the replies guys. Feedback noted.

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