Anyone ever read girls school stories?

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Found 21st Jul 2008
Right bare with me here.

I'm thinking back to the stories I used to read when I was a kid and one thing that I remebered was a treatment for irritating classmates (or dorm mates) whom the staff or other authoritainian figures didn't (or wouldn't) punnish.

It was called 'Sending them to Coventry' (I have no idea why)

Basically they were ignored and shunned from the school comunity and no one spoke or interacted with them.

It was generally used for theives, sneaks and liars........

Just saying :whistling:



If only it could work!

You're right, it was along the lines of sending them to Coventry from what I remember of Enid Blyton books although I think it only happened with girls and not the boys?

I do see your point though!


I was thinking that this am. I see people moan that the select few dont get punished but the few start threads and ev1 inputs to it, Thus giving them the lime light what they want
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