Anyone ever use this site for PS4 games?

Posted 7th Jun 2016
Anyone ever use this site for PS4 games?.Is it legit any info would be nice.

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Account seller, meaning they sell you access to an account with the game on it, which can and does get revoked, not to mention quite a few account sellers are selling stolen accounts.

Unless you are buying the PSN code so you can download the game directly from PSN to your account, it isn't worth the risk of losing something you paid for.
Dont risk it, just as the above comment says. Never buy a game that is from someone elses account
I wouldn't do that on a ps4 but the ps3 games are worth doing it for. Many reasons, too many to state.
Don't do it, my fiancé bought a few games like this unknowingly, I have no access to the 4 games she bought me at a bargain price at the time! GTAv far cry 3, AC unity and codaw! Lost em all after a good few months £100 down the drain
Snakeyes646 is right,you get accounts with the games on a
nd after a couple of months you won't be able to play those games. It worth if you are determined to finish the game you wanna buy in a couple of months :-)
I saw some Spanish comments about this site,same problem the game is not accessible after a period of time.
Don't bother you'll end up losing out
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