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Found 27th Aug 2009
Well it turns out my car hasn't sold as quick as i would of hoped.

As a result this company called Car Data have phoned me up saying they have a queue of buyers wanting to buy my car. After some thinking i decided to give it a shot, they have stung me for £90 but say i get that back upon sale of the car.

Anyone been successful by doing it this way?

Listed it also on Gumtree, Pistonheads and ebay of which have had no takers yet.

Cheers for any replies.

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Sounds like a crock of it mate. Don't think you'll ever see your £90 again personally.

If there is a queue of people gagging to buy your car why don't Car Data direct them to your original advert.

Its a scam unfortunately...... you have little hope of hearing from them again.

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Has it been confirmed anywhere that its a scam or something?

Theres loads of cars listed on there all i wanted to know is how quick people have sold their cars on there before etc.


Does distance selling regulations apply to things like that?


If its too good to be true...

you have been taken mate.a neighbour of mine was stung for the £90 by these fraudsters
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