Anyone ever used one of those slendertone devices?

    Just seen an advert for slendertone that helps you get a six pack stomach

    Has anyone ever used one? I bet they only work with people who more or less already have one cos they work out loads and eat really carefully


    not slender tone but similar
    did nothing for me
    airwalk i found was the best way to lose weight

    missus had a tiny bit of a belly so i bought 1 from here,its defo better than the cheaper versions you can buy it work for her

    thought it was only possibly to get a six pack if you have less than a certain body fat %..if that makes sense...could be wrong tho

    I have one and totally agree that the cheaper ones don't do much but slendetone do.

    Like doing loads of sit ups on a night.

    Great for those of us that don't have time for the gym! :thumbsup:

    I have the slendertone abs thing, I also seen it on the advert, Buy it on ebay for about £70 not from somwhere like boots for £120ish. Mine was from the bay and it is great.
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