Anyone ever used OTB (On The Beach)

    I've been having a look around for a holiday this year, and have found this website that has some amazingly cheap deals (almost too cheap!)

    I'm just looking for anyone elses opinion on this website, are they reliable?

    Any infor will be very much appreciated!


    I almost booked a holiday with them last year as they were so cheap but after a little research, discovered all sorts of problems with them. Mainly the fact that they take your money, then email you saying, actually its not all inclusive (or whatever) and you have to pay more. And if you refuse, you lose what you have paid!

    I am steering well clear of them!

    I used them for a holiday to Sharm, was a great holiday, no problems with the site and there wasnt any hidden costs, I paid about £1400 for 4 adults and 1 infant for 2 weeks B&B 3 star (great authentic hotel). I was actually quite impressed by OTB.

    Not used them myself, but my friend uses them a lot and she used to be a travel agent if that means anything. Think she had mixed opinions of them but still keeps using them lol.

    I used them before for a flight to Turkey, they dropped me on a **** Turkish airline and stuck on a mandatory cost of £12 for an inflight meal that I didnt want.

    I went with them because they offered the cheapest flights..... +£24 for inflight meals (2 of us) which made them almost the most expensive!

    Would never use them again, one bad experience definately put me off.
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