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Anyone ever used premium choice car insurance ?

Posted 23rd Oct 2012
Evening guys, time of the year comes again to renew the car insurance, so did it through confused,com and the cheapest that came back was this company called Premium choice car, never heard of them until now and theres little information on google regarding reviews, was wondering if any members have been/are currently under insurance with them and can tell me what they are like as insurers ?
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Been with them for a couple years now. They are based in Birmingham, they operate as an insurance broker, but if you ever have an accident then you deal with Premium Choice.

They have really good customer service, they operate a call back service through their website. Which means you don't have to listen to Lionel Richie 14 times during busy periods.

They offer decent extras, but I would source your own breakdown using 'TopCashback' or 'Quidco' as you will get better cover. Key care is a good option, it costs £12 a year, should you lose your keys they call someone out to replace your locks, keys and do all the programming guff.

They also send you a hard copy of your policy through the post.
Thanks for the reply Simon , excellent thats just what I wanted to hear. Was a bit cautious as it was the cheapest by a good few hundred quid :).
I really would not use them. Was given a good price but then a few months later they decided to cancel my insurance out of no where for no reason. DO NOT USE THEM! Look at the other reviews on the internet too, I wish I had done!

I really would not use them. Was given a good price but then a few months … I really would not use them. Was given a good price but then a few months later they decided to cancel my insurance out of no where for no reason. DO NOT USE THEM! Look at the other reviews on the internet too, I wish I had done!

I'm sure the OP appreciates your prompt response.
I took an insurance policy out 3 months ago. They do ask for a lot of documents including my licence, bit of a pain! Thank god they did as I didnt put my conviction on my licence down, just didn't look at the questions properly. Unfortunately had an accident and have to say they dealt with it so quickly and gave me a car while car been repaired.
Do.not use them when.I cancelled my insurance after they were rude to me on the phone they decided to still charge me for my full years insurance even though I wasn't with them and when.I refused to pay it I had debt collectors come. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!!
Please stay clear of premium choice! They are cheap for a reason and incredibly hard to get hold of! They are great unless you are involved in an accident. If you do have an accident you will be dealing with a host of companies to settle your claim, very confusing.
A absolute discrace of a company . Cancelled my sisters policy for no reason and charged her a fortune. STAY CLEAR
Stay clear on this broker! Cancelled my policey they wanted to charge me £135 for being on cover for 13 days!! I got it down to 104 and cancelled the dam cover. Three days later they took another £114 out of my bank! Waitinf to speak to some basic now on the phone! Stay away from them go with a better known insurer to save yourself the hassle!
Hi as a new driver i went with premium choice as they were quoting an acceptable price that i could afford, i was quoted £1290,90 and i paid it in full, i had taken out the policy on 19th November 2014, and as of yet i have still NOT received email confirmation of my policy and neither have i received documents through the post, despite contacting them on several occasions they keep saying that they have sent out and email and that the documents are in the post, so today 4th December 2014 i contacted them again only to be told the same thing i did stress to them that i have received nothing so they did then email me a temporary cover note which expires on 19th December, whilst on the phone they told me that i needed to send in the documents that they had requested in the letter or my policy would be cancelled and i would not get back all of the money that i paid, What letter i asked i have received nothing they then asked me to provide my licence number and my national insurance number over the phone which i refused to do so, i told them that i will email a copy of my licence but nothing else as it seems a bit dodgy to me, i have contacted citizens advice, and i was given a number for a consumer department that deals with this type of enquires after speaking to them they advised me to email the documents to premium choice as they requested and then if i still don't receive any documents futher action would be taken against them as the phone call was recorded a copy of it is being sent to trading standards should further action be needed!!!!! I will NOT be going with PREMIUMCHOICE again
Avoid them. They try to ripp you off with cancellation charges and ask you yo many unnecessary docs. avoid them pls if u want my advice.
What a joke of an "insurance firm"!!!asking for completely unnecessary documents including a council tax bill baring in mind im an 18 year old still living at home!! customer service is completely useless and everyone should avoid these! and had the cheek to want a 15% cut of the 1300 pound premium for them wanting to cancel my policy because I couldn't provide a CT bill and wanting 800 pound to change my address! HA! disgraceful.
They are rubbish, I went with them, they got my details wrong sent docs In called them to point out there mistakes, got charged £25 admin(unfair fee) and extra £50 oontop, when I was told this I wanted to cancel my policy which was only insured 2 days and they wanted to take £150 out of my refund on a £330 policy, so ended up stuck and paid more, also called recently to remove business use of my policy and my mileage, and was told was not eligible for any refund and would get an administration charge again, so what are bunch of clowns and con artists
Do NOT deal with premium choice: complete chalatans...mistakes, incorrect information, taking money for "admin" purposes i.e. spurious reasons due to their incompetence....avoid like the plague:/
Phoned half an hour before their closing time looking for my first insurance and was put on hold until the closing time where they said they can't answer my call. Not a good start and the other reviews aren't great either.
Been with Premium Choice for 3 years, up until 6 moths ago they were fine................. but! since then they have canceled my policy twice for no reason. I have unknowingly covered many uninsured miles which is a big worry. I have been lucky that nothing happened. This company really needs investigated by a governing body of some sort at the least. Is it legal to leave people driving around who believe they are insured? They need stopped. DO NOT USE THEM
Just rang them to change my address, extra £600 for the year, well they can puss off and the fact they want to charge me £80 to change my address, I have never paid to change my address before, asked them to cancel and they want to charge me £180, and admin fees, wtf for what do they actually get paid for if not to administer people's insurance
Avoid Premium Choice at all cost. They will basically frustrate you so that you cancel your policy then charge you £50 even when the policy has not started. They asked for me to send copies of my driving license through unsecure email which i refused to do for the obvious reasons. Note - they will ask you to send them your driving license and other plenty stuff. You also have to wait 5 good working days to get to see your policy documents. They never sent them to me even after 5 working days. Then i called to cancel. They wouldnt cancel the policy straight away on the phone. I have to write an email and wait for another two working days for some one to contact me. Refunding my money to me was a war even when they were taking £50 out of the full £600+ i paid.

These guys are doing this on purpose to make free money ...by frustrating the customer to cancel and taking £50 or more admin fees. They claim to be authorised by whoever but hey.. that does not mean nothing. They whole authorization thing is meaningless.
have just cum off the phone to these rip off merchants.have just changed my car from a 2 litre laguna to a 1395 rover 25 and they said I cud only change the vehicle policy over and not have a new 1.after paying a £65 deposit and doubling my insurance premium (I had to take it as I had to go to work and I wouldn't have been covered otherwise)I went online in work and found a much lower 1 with gen accident.i rang them up and told them to cancel my policy to which they replied(rudely I might add)that I would have to pay a further £124 cancellation fee on top of the£65 pound I had already paid before they would send me my proof of no claims to me!can they do this?if you are considering using this retched company then beware they WILL RIP YOU OFF.
I have just started my insurance with this company.i have sent my documents that they requested but keep getting emails saying that if they dont receive my proof of no claims from my previous insurers they will cancel my insurance.i used their link on their website to send my driver licence and proof of ncb after i signed up with them via confused.com.then a week later they email saying they need my documents, so i send them again and still they say they dont have them in a letter to my address threatening to cancel my policy so i send them in an email attachment to admin and ask for a reply if they have got them now!! 3 days later and another request from me to them via email asking if they have them now? No response from them yet.i am going on holiday next week and hoping i dont get pulled off the police because they cant be bothered looking up my emails.i wish i read the comments here before going with them.
I've just registered with this company - the phone team are friendly and helpful BUT the number of documents they've requested is ridiculous! So far I've sent them a copy of my driving licence, a copy of my no claims bonus, a utility bill from my phone provider AND a letter from a solicitor confirming my address - they still say that I haven't provided enough paperwork to confirm my address and unless I can send them a utility bill within 2 days they'll cancel my policy and charge me £50! I've just moved so have no other documents I can send. Really shocking. AVOID!

I've been with this insurance for a while now. This month I can't pay my insurance do you know what premium choice will say or do about this when I ring to tell them?:( please help Thankyou
Do not use this company! They failed to set my direct debit correctly and want to charge me £30 for their mistake ! 4 different members of staff told me this was my fault and I still have to pay it .....Needless to say I have not paid the fee and welcomed them to cancel my policy there rediculous ....upon call connection it states they have ombudsman..but you can't actually complain the either not available or closed
Absolutely terrible

They really are terrible!! They are so unhelpful and all customer service team seem to do it lie! They shouldn't even be allowed to be in business.
I AM SOOO GLAD IVE READ THESE REVIEWS. worst customer service in the world. Rudest people ever. No point even for £200 saving worth going elsewhere
Premium Choice car insurance told me they have cancelled my insurance as I did not declare an accident. This was an honest over sight, no problem I thought as the policy is not due to start for another7days.
Oh but we will take £50 for our trouble!!!
How can they do that, what happened to cooling off period?
When i first joined premium choice they requested numerous proof documents, these were sent on within 24 hours and the policy began, 1 week later i received a letter threatening to cancel my policy due to not sending these documents, after phoning the company it became clear they had missed the e-mail containing all necessary documents.
They then couldn't find one of my additional drivers on the database due to no fault of my own, without giving me the chance to send over licence copy/proof documents they had removed them from the policy and charged me £30 'administration fee's' and put the premium up to £170 a month from £120.

I then went to swap my private registration on to the car which they charged me another £40.. again admin fees!
When i went to cancel my policy (due to the hassle & finding it £500 cheaper else where) they charged me £259 to cancel.

I dread to think if i was ever in an accident how terrible the service would be from Premium Choice.
I would strongly advise any one considering to go with this company to pay the extra and go with a reasonable/hassle free company.
Worst insurance company I used. On comparison sites, it seemed they were one of the cheapest. After you purchased your insurance from them, they will then start to find little mistakes to charge you higher premium plus additional £50 adminstration charge. They made tonnes of mistakes on my policy and then made me pay for their mistakes. They even sent other customer's policy to me which is a serious data and privary breach. I will not want to insure with this kind of cowboy company. I am bringing the matter to Ombudsman. Stay clear of this company!
Have complained via Financial Ombudsman, was informed via email from Donna Kirwan on 06-06-18 that their complaints department would review and come back to me in 8 weeks. The lady assigned is Benita who is in the Customer Relations Officer. It’s now over 5 months and no response The FOS has had no response either, despite them contacting you several times in this matter I contacted Donna Kirwan via email last week, again no response. The lack of action on my complaint has had an adverse impact in insurance renewals and your organisation is a disgrace What will it take to get a response from you ??
Worst company in the world... I moved house and within 12 days of moving and totally forgetting to inform them, new residents told them so they cancelled my policy without telling me. When i phoned to complain was told that they would not give me leighwsy at all. I asked them if they believe every person that phones to say that the policy holder doesn't stay there cause that could just be lies? I then told them that they never once contacted me through email to question this before cancelling.... now when I am trying to get insurance and declare that a policy had been cancelled my insurance was double price and treble price... small error in judgement on my part which is now costing me dearly 😪
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