Anyone ever used

    Any1 ever used


    Just had a quick look and the site alone would put me off, looks like its an out of the box site template, not inspiring of confidence.

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    Won't bother then. Thanks

    Avoid avoid avoid!!!
    This company is operating a scam pretending to be a retailer. Once you have selected your goods, you suddenly find that you have ordered them from AMAZON!! To make matters worse, because they are supplied by a host of different suppliers, each adds silly delivery prices. Costs a fortune. AMAZON are party to it as they appear to get commission. I wont use either ever again. Trading standards and others are investigating.

    Yeah, I bought some ink cartridges and my Misses bought a blu-ray player using my credit card! Everything has been OK, arrived within the week, no complaints and acceptable postage costs.

    Re: Postage

    It does say on the site that "Shipping is free for most items costing over 10 pounds," not all items but most so you can't complain if they do charge postage. John
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