anyone familair with ConvertXtoDVD

    iv got this program on my computer,and i want to convert my AVI files to some other file so i can burn them to a dvd disc and play them in another DVD player. i dont really know how to use it,i converted 4 episodes of jericho last night,so it converted it and then a box popped up and said insert blank dvd to burn i inserted a " memorex 1x-8x DVD+R" and it didnt do anything,these discs are brand new. do you think it could be anything to do with my dvd drive not supporting the disc speeds. when i inserted the disc,the little windows page pops up and says what do you want to do with the disc....

    in device manager this is my dvd drive,what are the specs of it,can it read all the different speeds


    When the episodes of jericho had converted and i was prompted to insert a dvd disc,after trying a few times i gave up and just exited the page. in my documents it had a file name called convertxtodvd,when i opened it,it has quite a few little files called TS VIDEO etc. Is it possible to burn these to disc manually without using convertxtodvd.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps


    You can use nero to burn the files within the video_ts folder, select dvd video files from within nero then add just those files.

    Yes, you can burn them to disc using Nero.

    I'm going to start charging soon. lol.

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    Yes, you can burn them to disc using Nero.I'm going to start charging … Yes, you can burn them to disc using Nero.I'm going to start charging soon. lol.

    you should do,could make a hell of a lot of money. just dont charge me,i am your biggest customer :-D

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    there seems to be 2 VIDEO_TS files for each episode,the first file is on average 32KB and then the file underneath that is like 621,785Kb so obviously the second file is the episode but what would the first file be

    just found out the first file(small file) is IFO format and the bigger file is i burn them both to disc

    Just add the folder that the vob and ifo is in and nero will sort it out for you. :thumbsup:

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    but the folder also includes a few BUP files,do i include them.theres also another folder called audio TS but that has nothing in it. lol

    Yes, leave them all in there. Nero will sort if for you.

    Add everything that's in that folder to the Nero burning folder - making sure you choose 'DVD Video' as a project! In Nero all the files will need to be dropped into the VIDEO TS folder, or it won't work in a DVD player.

    Back to your original issue, sounds to me like your machine doesn't like the discs. When it comes to DVD media, it is the Dye code that is of great importance. Different dvd drives prefer different dye codes. Mine for instance really likes Riteks, so i'll buy Ritek as I know they'll work! If you open up Nero Tool kit and Info tool with one of your disks in the drive, it'll do a quick scan and tell you what it is - if it comes up with nothing, then your drive doesn't like it!

    Also, when you do manage to burn those files and you don't want them anymore, delete them manually. I've had issues in the past, when doing the nest project, the program advises that there is already files in the destination folder and offers to delete them, if you let it, it deletes the files but doesn't do it properly, so you end up with your hard drive incorrectly reporting the free disk space! At 4 gig a time, it's a right pain!

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    just a had a go at nero,i went on nero recode is that right.anyway i burned the 4 episodes succesfully but when i put them into my dvd player,the screen was a square and it had about 2 inches space around the top and bottom.the downloads were full screen on my there a setting that i missed to check

    erm, I think you may have done something wrong! - is your tv widescreen or full screen? -if it's fullscreen, a widescreen picture will have black bars. if you mean theres a black border all the way around the picture then try this:

    Depending on the version of nero you have, you should go something like this -
    Start Menu
    All Programs
    nero burning rom
    new compilation (choose dvd, not cd)
    Choose dvd video
    project screen should open with 'Video TS' folder on left and browser on the right
    in the right-hand screen, navigate to where the files are on your hard-drive, drag them all into the left-hand window
    click 'burn'

    your disc should now burn
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