Anyone familiar with Wainwrights walks? outdoorsy type gift suggestions?

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Found 14th Dec 2009
Im looking for xmas presies for my partners parents and they like walking/outdoorsy stuff.

so i was considering egtting them a copy of wainwrights walks, now ive seen 2 books on amazon that spark an interest:

Wainwrights Tv walks…b_1


Best of Wainwrights walks…b_1

they both appear to be collections, if they are very different i would get both, or does anyone have any suggestions?


These books look similar in that they are extracts of the pictorial guides that wainwright wrote throughout his life while wandering the lakes and fells. These are mainly text detailing the walks almost step by step, with amazingly again detailed and accurate black and while line drawings of various features wainwright felt deserved or needed to be recorded.

One is based on a very old Granada series he did and the other is his supposedly favorite walks as put together by his official biographer.

There is some overlap as you can see from the contents pages showing which walks are included from which books.

For my money I would only get one. If your parents like the style they may go on to collect the actual books they are based on. Depending you your budget and you parents likes, you could get the official biography to go with best of book, or the bbc dvd of walks where I believe the revisited many from the original series on Granada and is very much a walkers programme.

Hope this helps rather than further confuses:whistling:

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Hope this helps rather than further confuses:whistling:

A great help, thanks
any ideas for outdoorsy sorts or presents?


A great help, thanks :)any ideas for outdoorsy sorts or presents?

Urm, now that is a hard one. It kinda depends what type of outdoorsy. Are they day walkers, long distance path walkers or just out in the car and a couple of hours stroll.

Each type uses different equipment. Let alone knowing what they already have and personal preference. I am happy being led round by gps, others may like the map work?

If they have not got.

A good (Silva is good make) compass is always nice whether your life depends on it or you just want to know which direction you are sightseeing in.

Good quality walking socks/hat.

Good pair of Gloves - depending on budget either water proof or just wind proof.

Head torch - night walkers and those that are at risk of not finishing a walk before it gets dark (usually mountain walkers).

something growing in use are walking sticks - These look more like sky poles and are used in pairs. The idea is they take a large parentage of strain of your knee and hip joints and allow you years longer walking without having replacement body parts.:-D

One possible fun thing is a Map that is centered on an area of you choice. depending on where you live it could be your house in the middle. It could also be a favorite area you like to walk. I did one for my sister based on her house as she lives in an area with a few nice walks. Just put in the post code and follow the steps(1:25000 map for walking - 1:50000 for driving)…ect

subscription to ramblers magazine/membership of ramblers.

Or if they are other ways inclined National Trust membership to wander around historic building and the grounds.

Let me know if you have more info.

Good luck.:santa:

Presume the box set is too expensive…_36

I paid £67 for mine so this is a bargain. If it is too expensive, then how about getting the book which covers their favourite area. You could then buy other ones for future presents, building up a set that way
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