Anyone fancy doing my Christmas shopping?

Found 12th Dec 2005
Ok. I'll admit this post is entirely lazy, but it may inadventantly be noble and useful to other people also short on ideas!

Basically, I need to get Christmas presents for my family. Ideally, I'd like links and quidco links to suggestions (and perhaps a cup of tea and a packet of crisps while you're up.... :))

My family are pretty normal, normal likes and dislike, middle of the road middle class etc etc. Ages in brackets afterwards.

Father (50+ ish)
Mother (50+ ish)
Girlfriend (25)
Sister (21)
Sister's boyfriend (23)
Grandmother (80 ish)
Great Uncle (85 ish)

I'm looking to spend £20 - 40 a head (after discounts!) and perhaps a little bit more on the girlfriend.

Go on, be a star. Do my shopping for me - it's Christmas!
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I'm on the case. I love Christmas shopping. I'll report back shortly.
Readers Digest 12 months subscription. Pay £13.95 for 12 issues. Cover price £2.95 per issue. From isubscribe. 8% cashback from Quidco.

Easy Living Magazine 12 months subscription. Pay £12 for 12 issues. Cover price £2 per issue. From isubscribe. 8% cashback from Quidco.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door gift-set. £12.95 + £1 P&P from [url]fragrancedirect.co.uk/cus…php?productid=5950[/url]
I couldn't find this through the Quidco link. A search on Kelkoo shows the same thing for sale from somewhere else for £44.

Sister's boyfriend:
Extras - series 1 DVD £10.99 from CDWow. Use vouchers in the voucher section to get £1 off. RRP £21.99. 4% cashback from Quidco.
Catherine Tate Show DVD £10.99 from Amazon Jersey. RRP £19.99.

I'm still working on Granny & Uncle.
Hope this helps.
Alba Freeview box £19.94 from Tescos stores.
The Sound of Music DVD 2 disc special edition £6.99 from 101 CD. 8% cashback from Quidco. This looks so good I think I'll have one for myself!
(And you) Mini cruise to Spain. "2 days & 2 nights of relaxation with facilities normally only found on cruise ships. Magnificent pool, leisure bar, stylish shopping malls, live entertainment & a wide choice of dining." From £79
A hip flask (loads of them on ebay. Use Quidco link) & a bottle of whisky.
You're good Christmasshopper!!
Big tins (1.3kgs) of Quality Street or Celebrations buy 2 for £10 at Tesco stores (spare one for Christmasshopper!)
Wow. She definitely gets my karma points.

You want to have a second run with mom/dad/sister etc, but this time with a larger budget for those of us who like to spend a bit more? Like £50 range.

Everyone will be buying the same presents this year thanks to you!
Give me some clues. How old are they? :?:
use code 345 to get an extra 5% off at Fragrance Direct.
Mom + Dad in their 50s (up to £150 a head)
Sis in 20s (up to £150)
Aunt + Uncle in their 50s (up to £75 a head or group present)

PS: You should start a website called [url]www.easychristmas.co.uk[/url] and charge people money for this service
Wow. Are you sure you aren't my long-lost nephew? :shock:
Leave it with me. I'll have a go this evening.
I.'ve never had so much money to "spend" before. Someone should bring this out as a computer game. Virtual shopping.
You are playing level 2 of Virtual Shopping!

It's funny how one person's chore can be another person's entertainment.

Good Luck!
What area do you live in hmexx? Or where is your closest big city? I'm thinking...theatre tickets.
Theatre tickets are a no-go. All recipients live outside the UK.
So do you need something light to post? Or are you taking your gifts?
I will be delivering them by hand. They don't need to be light or tiny, as long as they fit in a couple of suitcases!
LOL... this thread is great!! It only costs £1.99 per year to get a .co.uk domain CS...

LOL... this thread is great!! It only costs £1.99 per year to get a … LOL... this thread is great!! It only costs £1.99 per year to get a .co.uk domain CS...

Can you provide a link to them please?
123-reg.co.uk/ is a cheap one.
[url]www.1and1.co.uk[/url] - no hosting space, just the .co.uk domain domain name which you can forward to hosting space where eve it is online; even free hosting space if you ca find any without ads. I use my own AOL one and the .co.uk forwards to it using masking so that it always reads the .co.uk address in the address bar and doesn't go onto members.aol.com/mem…tml insead. Masking is free with 1&1 and so if parking if you don't want to use it straight away. You have to pay for a minimum of 2 years. I'm thinking of getting one for my eBay website...
10x for that!
hmexx's Mom:
Tesco Finest Cashmere cardigan £30
Super bargain. Absolutely gorgeous. Bet it would be nearer £100 from anywhere else.

100ml Dioressence Eau de toilette spray £37 from Fragrance direct. Use Quidco link for 5% cashback and enter code 345 for 5% discount.
hmexx's Aunt & Uncle:
Monopoly game. From Amazon UK. As well as the traditional London version, it is also available as:
Oxford, Kent, Devon, Gloucestershire, Coventry, Glasgow, Derbyshire, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Scotland, Southampton, Cornwall, Cambridge, Yorkshire, Essex, Swansea, Bristol, Brighton, Liverpool, Irish, Edinburgh, Norwich, Wigan, Sunderland, Bath, Jersey, Leicestershire, Reading, Newcastle, Chester & Cheshire. From £20 - 25 depending on which town you want.
hmexx's Dad:
HP Photosmart M407 digital camera. Half price at Argos at the moment. £64.99 reduced from £129.99. Seems to be around £140 at other places.

SD card to go with the camera. Around £10 on ebay for a 128mb. That's half the Argos price. Use the Quidco link.

Total £75 for £150 worth of gifts.
Forgot to mention, hmexx, 100ml Dioressence RRP £53.
So total cost for Mom's £150 worth of presents is £65.15
Too late for this year, because they are sold out... but worth bearing in mind for next year:
A Fortnum & Mason Christmas Hamper.
(Afer all, it's only twelve and a half months to Christmas.)
hmexx's sister:
Reebok Classics from high street sports shops & the Red Door gift set I mentioned earlier.
hmexx, stocking fillers for the family:
HP Sauce, Tetley's tea-bags, Galaxy chocolate, thick-cut marmalade, Horlicks.
Great work CS!!!! I've already put in your suggested order in for 'mom' and I am going to have a closer look at the others tomorrow.
try and win some crimbo pressies
u can win things off ebay, give it a shot, one poster already has won !!

Wow CS excellent work! I am going for the monopoly and the Red Door! You def have a talent! Thank you.
Which town did you opt for, shojo?
Just got back from big Tesco Extra. They have reduced loads of the Christmas gifts.
Wind-up torch/radio £5
Little girls watches £2.49
Photo frame/ alarm clock/ record your own message £2.50
mini-radio £1.50
2 pairs cuff-links £3.97
AA day out guide book/ disposable camera set £5
Wine guide/ cork-screw set £5
I've saved so much money, I spent a fortune! :thumbsup:
Wow! Sorry I've been unable to reply - I've been stuck out of communications in Dorset. I'm going to have a little read through and browse through the thread and let you know who's getting what! Hopefully I'm still in time for the post...

A couple of quick extras - my sister's boyfriend's family are popping over for Christmas day. I wouldn't mind getting them something small i.e. less than a fiver each - token gifts. There's two parents in their 50s, the brother 22 or so and my sister's boyfriend 24.

LOL, CS hve their work cut-out for them. This is a really great thread. Well done to christmasshopper.
Her karma will hit 1,000,000 by xmas at this rate
Run out to a 24 hour Tesco NOW. They have reduced load of their gifts to £5 or under. Gadgety stuff for the sons. The Days Out book / camera set would be nice for the parents (to share between them, after all you are only looking for a token gift.)
Tesco Cuvee Prestige Red (really nice wine at a really nice price) £2.99 a bottle
Warre's late bottled vintage port 75cl £5.99 was £9.99
Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry 1 litre £4.97 was £5.98
Quality Street 464g excl wraps 2 for £5 or £2.98 each
Tesco traditional shortbread tin 500g £3.99 was £4.99
If you buy bottles of wine, buy bottle bags to wrap them in (much easier and look better too.) :thumbsup:
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