Anyone fancy more REP?...you know Im good for it! - Northface Big Shot backpack

Hi all

My Bro wants a Northface Big Shot backpack. Anyone know the cheapest place? I have found it for £50 so far, but surely there must be somewhere cheaper!

Cheers guys

Rep will be given to any better prices...that's a guarantee!


i want some rep please

what's rep?

Original Poster


i want some rep please

You can when you find me the backpack for under £50!:thumbsup:

Just had a look on Google and I can't find it any cheaper than you :thumbsup:

Original Poster


what's rep?

Those funny coloured dots under your avatar.

Best I can come up with is a blue one at £50.89 + £3.50 p&p at Castle Mountain Moor, see


I think you might need to pay the £50, as the best I can find is £50.89 plus £3.50 p&p - Castle Mountain & Moor (CMMonline)

£57.99 at outdoorkit.co.uk - most are around or over £60.

Lots of USA sites sell it cheap enough, but couldn't find one that would ship to UK!

Good luck anyway and thanks for the challenge! :thumbsup:
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