Anyone fancy sharing £500k!?? No joke!!

    Came across the Park Lane sticker thing in my McDonalds tonight which i thought was quite cool......apparently if i can find the Mayfair one I'd win £500k!
    So...throwing this out there....anyone have the Mayfair and fancy splitting the prize money 50/50?


    Me.............. Only Joking

    I can sell you loads of them if you want.


    80 /20 and we got a deal.

    apparantly there is only one mayfair, hence there only being one prize of 500k. i see loads of people not even checking there stickers, bet its one of these people who have mayfair

    Parklane is on almost all of the stickers lol, extremely popular... I saw one discarded on the floor in my Mcdonalds... People just peel and see if its mayfair, if not they just bin them... Madness

    Someone on this had a Mayfair one, it's in a thread which lists the prizes - Get in touch with them, and roll in it!


    I hardly ever eat Mac's, infact have only been once since they started … I hardly ever eat Mac's, infact have only been once since they started the Monopoly again, and I got Mayfair and a free Sausage & Egg Muffin. Just need Park Lane then I guess?

    any one got mayfair.. willing to do 50/50. no time wasters. cheers

    LOL you guys are thick. WHY would anyone do 50/50? If someone has Mayfair, they have won 500k, no need for 50/50 as Park Lane is the most rare sticker. I have around 10 fgs. Stop trying to con people

    I made a thread saying I had Mayfair and people got so excited haha
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