Anyone fitted a new car battery?

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Found 20th Dec 2009
Battery on the car died yesterday so I need to buy a new one. Anyone fitted one? Is it easy?
It looks to be just 2 "clamps" holding it on...Is it just a case of loosing these, taking the old one out, and tightening the clamps on the new battery?
Any help appreciated. TY



got it in 1

yep is as simple as you say just make sure you strap it in lol :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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Great! Thank you both :thumbsup:

lol But most do not get the ends the wrong way round. +(red) connection, - (Black )connection Some new batteries have these not the same way round.

And allways connect the -( black) last

when you buy the battery keep it upright so none of the acid spills out, i ruined a pair of jeans and shoes that way

Be careful if you dont know what you are doing, if you where to drop a spanner across the two terminals or touch a metal part of the car whilst undoing the positive terminal + you wont just get a few sparks you could literally weld the spanner with the current.

Always disconect the NEGATIVE - first and reconnect it last

Dont forget you may lose your radio code etc

See this link


metal connecting the two terminal........... BANG oh and maybe some blue smoke??

Make sure its the battery and not the alternator that needs replacing.

put your tongue on it.......... :shock:

Alot of places will fit the batery for free might be worth asking

If you call around all the shops to find the cheapest nastiest battery for your car, you can then go into halfords and get them to price match it with a two year garantee with free fitting.
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