Anyone fitted Pace brand or Gowind brand runflat tyres?

Found 1st Apr 2016
I just wanted to hear what people's experience and opinion on Pace brand or Gowind brand tyres was. I need two for my rear tyres. They are budget tyres and the guy at the garage said Pace was a good cheaper alternative for rear tyres. Anyone ever used them? I
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Runflats are usually poor in comparison to normal tyres, but Pace seem very poor

Are they a lot cheaper than decent tyres?
Thanks for your response. I have to go with runflat as that's the standard on the car otherwise insuranc
Very sensitive keypad.. otherwise insurance void. I normally get Hankook. pa e are £81 per tyre. Hankook £101 pee tyre.
Speak with your insurance company, if they do not charge for a admin adjustment then it shouldn't add anything to the cost of your insurance.
Ok will try that. thanks
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