Anyone fixed iphone 6 screen and speaker/buzzer themselves?

    My iPhone 6 screen has been ghosting and I have lost all sound and vibrations. When I took it to the Apple Store they've said it's a hardware problem and will cost £175 to fix.
    I'm not under warranty and I can't claim on my insurance.

    It'll cost me £35 for the parts to replace the screen and the speaker/vibrator but I have no idea how hard it is to do myself.
    Has anyone replaced either of these before who could recommend if it's easy to do?

    Thanks in advance.


    Not the easiest to do but there are guides out there they you can follow step by step. Just remember a slight slip can ruin it totally. Also by the sound of your parts they might not be up to much. Some of the cheaper screens are quiet poor and depending on what you buy will depend how much work you have to do. As soon screens come with parts attached others you have to strip your old one. It really depends on your ability to under take the task. If you do go head with it take your time and make a note of which screws go where.

    YouTube also has guides too

    Original Poster

    Thank you very much. I will have a look at your link shortly

    I have replaced a camera on an Iphone 5. The most difficult part was the tiny screws, I needed to buy a screwdriver kit from ebay specifically for the job. It was about 8 different screw heads.
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