Anyone flown to Orlando via Dublin

Posted 30th Dec 2019
Hi folks. Hope someone can help. I'm just at the planning stage of a holiday to Orlando at the mo.

As we have friends in Dublin who might be joining us, we were thinking maybe fly from Birmingham to Orlando via Dublin also we like the idea of going through US immigration at Dublin so will make it nice & easy when we arrive in Orlando.

I've had a quick look at flights out of BHX but I'm a little concerned that there is only a 2 hour layover in Dublin. Do you think this would be enough time to get through immigration etc and onto the connecting flight to Orlando. I know we won't have to worry about our luggage as that will be transferred straight onto the Orlando flight. Has anyone else done anything similar? How was Dublin airport for transiting through?
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If you have friends you could fly over night before and then all go to airport? Haven’t done a split via Dublin but immigration in the USA doesn’t take long at Orlando airport. The real pain is getting the tram at the terminal.

To be honest I would only do it if it’s a bit cheaper or you want to fly with friends else I would just pick cheapest or most direct route.
It's brilliant, tho easier as I'm near Belfast.
It's so nice getting off the plane, grabbing your cases and getting an Uber. We were through Orlando airport in about 20 minutes.
2 hours is just fine to connect in DUB. Last time I did it , I was through US immigration in no time at all and spent 50 minutes chilling on the other side.
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