Anyone from Bristol?

    Hey guys, well, my story is that I have been looking around for a new pair of trainers, and the ones I want are from USC, however, only the Bristol store has them (phoned the head office). Well I live in Edinburgh so no chance of me popping down and they wont transfer them up for me. Would anyone from there be willing to get them for me (if they still have them) and post them up to me? Obv willing to pay cost plus p+p!

    Many thanks!


    which shoes you after mate?

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    Diesel Parabarny, size 5 or 6, white/silver/pink! they had 2 pairs left this afternoon when I rang, only USC in the country that has them!

    2 pairs left :O how much do they cost?

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    Ha, they're an almighty £10! reduced from £100ish I think. Betting now if someone sees this they're off to buy them though :-s :-)

    Could've pm'ed me then! Wow hmm It's in cribbs I'll have a look when I'm there next and send them off to you

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    Thanks, if they still have them (ha ha ha) then either 5 or 6, would obv send you the money beforehand, but I ain't willing to pay the full price when they're up here (size 3 only though) for a tenner! Thank you muchly!

    Lol I wouldn't ask for the full price?
    Why are they only a tenner for £100? :O

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    They're part of the stock from the stores that went into administration (i asked head office the same thing). All the administration stock has to be sold and it's all silly prices! I was amazed when I saw them, Edinburgh Princes Street is the store I saw them in.

    So it's in the cribbs causeway store correct?

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    Upper Level, The Mall
    Unit 151-152
    Cribbs Causeway, Bristol

    Ahhhh if they're still there i will be over the moon for the next 2 years!

    Really appreciate this!


    Lol, I'll arrange something for tomorrow mate before 5, then let you know how it goes mate :thumbsup:
    You know where abouts in the store they will be?

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    Cheers! All I would know is that they would be in the ladies sale section, i've (hopefully) put a pic below of them. Hope they have them now!,

    Lol will let you know when I have a look :thumbsup: 5 or 6 which one?

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    Erm think a 6 would be preferred but a 5 if that's what they have!

    Thank you!

    No problem will give it a go tomorrow and let you know :thumbsup:

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    Hey, did you have any luck then? (sitting with fingers, toes and eyes crossed) :-)


    Hey, did you have any luck then? (sitting with fingers, toes and eyes … Hey, did you have any luck then? (sitting with fingers, toes and eyes crossed) :-)

    Nope :oops:. Didn't go. You think it'll still be there :oops:.

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    Nope :oops:. Didn't go. You think it'll still be there :oops:.

    Hey no problem, no chance they'll still be there. Chanced my luck and went into Princes Street and asked about the ones they had, they had loads of people going in saying they'd heard of them on here and asking for them, sure someone would have beat you by now. No bother, thanks anyways
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