Anyone from Carlisle????

    If so, could you please let me know where the following picture is from. There's some rep in it for you :o)


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    black gerbil1;2282965


    PMSL. I asked for that one, didn't I :oops:

    Okay, let me re-phrase it.

    Does anyone from Carlise know whereabouts (in Carlisle) this photograph has been taken :thumbsup:

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    Ahhh i know where its taken.England

    Sorry, covered myself with my last request :roll: Specifically said within Carlisle :-D

    Is it Carlisle Park and Castle Woods Morpeth?

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    LOL:-DHow come u need to know anyway? (may i ask)

    That's ok.

    I need to use the picture, and put a caption of what it shows - don't think I could get away with 'England' as the description :-D

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    Is it Carlisle Park and Castle Woods Morpeth?

    I'm pretty certain the location must be somewhere in or around Carlisle City Centre. Thanks for the suggestion though :thumbsup:

    My other idea was B&Q!

    There is a buddist temple near there is it Conishead Priory? Somewhere near Ulverston

    it is in bitts park carlisle. there is the centre building you see in the picture with a moat that runs round it. now the local haunt of all the underage drinkers im afraid
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