Anyone from the USA here?

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Found 7th Jun 2009
hey people. Im looking to get Time Warp on Blu Ray -…606

Its $21 in the USA and id be willing to pay $10 for shipping back to the UK. At that price, its an absolute bargain for 426mins of glorious slow-mo shots and science together.

let me know thanks!

I know i can get to ship it directly here but to wait til end of July for it to arrive is a bit OTT on waiting times.

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Actually, it dont matter. Found it at to ship to here in the UK for £15 with shipment in a week!

Time Warp....??? more info my attention with the two words TIME and WARP....

Anyone from the USA here?.........Everyone on hotUKdeals is american..........

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Cheers linux for the lovely comment.

Prolly had it coming, but thats why i asked if there was anyone. Maybe anyone who was over in the states or hoping to of got a reply from someone going there soon.

Anyway, it didnt matter since i got it now.

Time Warp is a show on Discovery Channel where they just slow everything down using cameras that caputre at 1000fps and 10,000 fps. So shooting a bullet, blowing something up, throwing lighters into a blender.

They are then able to slow it down and its all in hi definition and it looks amazing.…ies)

heres a clip of the lighters in a blender.…te8

Some of it is really really good. Showing you what happens in a car crash. When you get hit from behind the driver actually sinks into his chair before being released out of it. But these are things you only see with the camera because it happens so fast in real life.

In the new series they had a guy jump from 30 odd feet into a paddling pool. Metallica has been in this new series too.

Its definetly worth a watch, especially if you have it in hi-def.…DtM
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