anyone from venice on here?

    my dad's going to venice next week and wants me to try to find out where there are good shops for sjirts and handbags (for his mrs) in and around venice - but not in the touristy places - he wants a "more scenic and off the beaten track" experience (why he can't just shop in the main town i will never understand but i said i'd try to find out so here i am) if any one has been to venice and knows of any nice little "for the locals" shops could you please let me know - i know this is a long shot but this site hasn't let me down yet for info! xx


    Try that shop by the canal

    Is he staying in Venice? Most people do but the majority of those who work in Venice commute in from outer areas such as Mestre. This is just across the causeway and takes approx 15 mins by train. Transport and links are really good but I suppose depends how long the trip is.
    The centre of Mestre is a nice town square area. Many shops simialr to here but lots of local shops at a fraction of the price of Venice. Last time I went to Venice, we stayed in Mestre and not Venice. Far nicer hotel than we could have afforded in Venice and it is interesting travelling in with the locals because you never see any locals in Venice, only ALL tourists.
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