Anyone get a bargain in woolworths?



They now havea upto 50% off sale, my local woolworths was wild theres people just srashing into wach other and then refusing to move just to get in on the bargainy goodness, tho you gotta wonder how the people in woolworths feel seeing people put arm fulls of stuff up onto the counter while their job goes down the swany

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Where've you been? … Where've you been?



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what did YOU get then?:-D

Nothing! lol Just loads of people fighting over rubbish. Some bought stuff that you could get much cheaper in other shops, even after the discount:thinking:

went into slough this morning only to see a huge crowd of ppl outside woolies, all wanting to get in for the 50% of. Waited for half an hour listening to teh stupid security women(looks more like a bloke!!) harping on about crowd control. Anyways, went in came out with nothing!! in was a total waste of time and a whole load of *****!! not much of a bargain and again could probly get most stuff cheaper else where!!

i went in yesterday and got 3 power rangers voice changers for 80p each and a batman figure and bike only 80p
i thought they were mega bargins

His & Hers Santa Suits...£1.75.
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