Anyone get a fragile package in post today??

    I sign up for so many things thru hukd and today a package has arrived for my hubby but he's not ordered anythin so it must be somethin i signed up for....

    curiousity is getting the better of me... did anyone else get anythin similar today that could explain what it is without me opening it???


    Fragile package eh?

    Maybe you could put a little tear in it, maybe that happened at the SO?

    It will be the mug from sports direct - confused me as well!

    Grey bag, fragile, nothing saying where it has come from

    Original Poster

    awww what a bummer... it will be the mug.... and here was me thinkin it was something exciting!

    thanks for the quick help to ease my curiosity!

    No problem sorry to disappoint!
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