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Anyone Get Netflix App To Work on Their UK PS Vita

Posted 1st Jan 2014
I tried methods posting on the internet, everytime I log in with my USA PSN Account on the PS Vita download Netflix and then go back to my EU UK PSN account it says memory card is linked to the US Account. All my games, trophies and digital purchases are all on my UK EU PSN so it's useless to me

In theory of works if you don't mind having a USA PSN account and not using PlayStation plus for most people useless

Bloody sony why can't they get Netflix UK app on UK ps vita
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When I go back to my UK account it has to format the memory card so then Netflix is gone
its a pain, you can get a seperate cheap memory card for the US account they are much cheaper then what they used to be.
no, don't have one, however netflix works on every other device i have, phone, tablet, pc, dongle, smart, WD TV,... input log on details and you're off
For Some stupid reason UK users get set screwed over, both Nintendo 3DS AND PS Vita in the USA get the Netflix App but not us guys

There's no way to do it on a 3DS Console in the UK, some slim chance of getting it to work on the ps vita

Anybody get it to work while still being able to use they're UK PSN Account and without the memory card swapping (they're so small there is danger of losing it if having to fiddle arrived and regularly swapping) Shame really has a little go on Netflix when using the USA PSN log in and it the video quality is stunning on the OLED screen
There are no apps on playstation tv, only youtube I think no netflix
I just bought Vita today in game UK and Nope still no Netflix app gutted would of been ideal on my night shifts.
what if you can download Netflix on the PC to Ps Vita for expamle use a usb for a game from the computer
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