Anyone getting headaches from using iPhone X

Edited by:"superspeedy"Found 4th Dec 2017
Is anyone getting mild headaches from using the new iPhone X? I’ve recently upgraded from my iPhone 5 and didn’t get headaches with that. I don’t know if it’s the infrared from the Face ID or most likely the OLED screen which many using android say they’ve had headaches the first time they’ve used it. I hope it’s just the screen and not the infrared.

Guess its not only me...…es/

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Try an orgonite pyramid . Since you’ve got a new phone I’d imagine your on it a lot more than usual. Orgonite protects you from the EMF (electro magnetic field) that surround you when using WiFi on devices. Have a look into it…mf/


That's because I took the precaution of not buying one

I'd have your eyes checked.

This is the only solution... fortunately it doubles up as a fashion accessory.


I get headaches when I buy overpriced items

Infra-red is radiated by anything warm. Do you get a headache when standing next to another person?

The PWM frequency on the iPhone X is relatively low at 240hz which won't bother most people but can cause issues for a few. If you've been bothered by Flourescent light or CRT display flicking in the past then that could be the issue.…tml

iPhone X uses the new X Ray Radio System on the older iPhone 5 Radio Signal System, they dont tell you this but it will eventually fry your Brain.
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