anyone go to see russell howard in newcastle lastnight?

    truely awesome! i wanna go again. gutted i have to wait until mid november before the dvd comes out


    Saw him a couple of weeks ago in Birmingham and he was great!!!
    He was in the LG arena, which is huge, and he did the whole evening on his own without a support act.

    Original Poster

    he didnt have a support act lastnight either. looked on youtube for vids of lastnight but theres only the opening with the music and lights, which was amazing in itself lol

    Saw one of his warm up gigs in Lincoln. Brilliant. Went off script so many times but still hillarious.

    aww i wanna see

    I saw him in Manchester a few weeks back. He was pretty good. Not as good as Ross Noble live tho

    Saw him in Sheffield last week. Funny as...

    I do have videos on my phone, just not uploaded them (including having the Sheff Arena do a mexican wave).

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    i want his pink thong
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