Anyone go to the Hasland gala and dog show today? aka my dog won 1st!

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Found 12th Jun 2011
Entered the (xxl 7 month) pup for the class "dog the judge would most like to take home" and he romped home with first prize, only a bit of fun more than anything but pleased as punch, our other dog got 5th in the "senior" category too so good (but thoroughly wet) day! So now have a trophy and a plaque.

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aww congrats x

Lovely dog....dirty pond.

Any pics of older dog? Oh and well done!


Cute dog.

well done to the dog give him a pat.

Aww cute ;-)



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Hissy Miss

Any pics of older dog? Oh and well done!
This is the old lady who was 12 last week and still hasn't slowed down, its harder to get a photo of her as she moves too fast where the pup is just chilled out more often
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Cute dog.


Aww cute ;-)

get that a lot the "cute" word, but he is already 5 stone now at 7 months! Cute to me is normally smaller dogs.
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