Anyone going to an IKEA SALE on Boxing Day?

    Hi fellow HUKDers

    Just wondering if anyone else will be popping into an IKEA today - I think they will be opening at 11am.

    Does anyone have any thing they have their eye on? Do you think it will be bonkers busy? I am planning on getting there as soon as it opens. The intention is to get in, buy, and get out in time for lunch!

    Hope everyone gets what they deserve in the sales... and remember: your safety is worth more than saving a few quid



    Good luck!

    I would love to go to the sales today but I am not sure if my bf would.



    take the chickens if he won't go with you

    Great idea!

    I bet they would love the meatballs oO

    yes,yses,yes! gotta draaaaag the hubi out of bed 1st! now that's just a task in it's self, what time does it close?? anyone no?

    is there any good deals on?

    Original Poster

    Just on my way back - was totally empty this morning, but steadily getting busier! Probably not worth going this afternoon, unless you plan on staying there all day! Good luck, some good deals, ias long as you need them. Got myself a load of expedit bookshelves...
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