Anyone good at modding consoles?

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Found 3rd Jul 2007
Hey guys!

I'm looking for someone to help me mod my own consoles from now on. Basically teach me to solder?

I'd like a ps2 slimline done. But I don't have the skills yet to handle 17 wires or whatever. So is anyone in the glasgow / lanarkshire area any good at this stuff? I'll of course be paying for the services and for teaching me! and I'll be supplying the chip.


I wouldnt mind the same, im useless with delicate things, though I can build a PC lol, no good at glueing or soldering.

I keep meaning to mod my Gamecube.

Have a go at soldering, Its easy to do!!

There are a load of tutorials on the net!

don't need to solder a slimline, disc magic worked ok for me

didnt u learn soldering in design and technology in high school?


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hehe I'm scottish. We didn't ever get that. We got wood and metalwork. Useless huh?

I suppose just knowing the right solder iron to buy would be a fantastic start.

You can start to learn to solder with simple kits like this one.

Not a bad one to start off with as it's quite useful too.…3m7

Aka craft and design which was useless

soldering on modern consoles like a slimline ps2 is horrendous. loads of surface mounted components. the swap magic method is best, get a flip lid. you'll be up and running in about 10 minutes

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I use ps2 homebrew too... divx player mainly. I want to learn to solder. not learn about swap methods :P

Problem with swap magic is it wont play dual layer games which one of mine is(have been using swap magic over 3 years)

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I've always used chips over swap methods with ps2. I've owned 3 now. Just got a new slimline one for cheap... but I really want a decent chip for it. My old one has a matrix infinity (i'll be listing it for sale here later).

I'll buy a decent soldering iron. Then give it a go


I suppose just knowing the right solder iron to buy would be a fantastic … I suppose just knowing the right solder iron to buy would be a fantastic start.

They are all much of a muchness, I've got a bog standard 30W one here and I bought a fine tip for it (Just slots in and is held in place by a screw).

Make sure there is plenty of ventilation (Most solder is 40% lead).

Make sure the tip is kept clean also (Wet sponge )

There are a couple of basic guides on the net.

i use a cheap antex 25w from maplins. i would also recommend that you get a nice fine tip for it as the ones you get with it are far too big for soldering to small pads. i would also say to use 60/40 solder as imo lead free is crap. a flux pen and de solder braid is allways handy.
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