Anyone good at remote fixing washing machines?

    Got an indesit washer dryer which fills up with water and starts a cycle then stops and fills up with water again it just repeats this over and over. Can anyone help you will be saving my life thanks


    Hiya my washing machine was doing this not so long ago and the water would not drain etc. It turned out to be a relatively simple fix, all it needed as new bushes. These are found either side of the motor. It cost me £15.00 to fix, they are awkward to put back on but solved my problem. Hope this helps.

    Just noticed your in the same area as me, so thought I would let you know I got the bushes from the washing machine shop on Duckpool road if that's any help.

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    how do i fit them matey?

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    Have you checked the filter isn't blocked?

    is that on the front of the machine?

    It's one or maybe two screws, it's more fiddly than difficult. The man in the shop put the new bushes in the housing and I just put them back on. Meant to say it's better to take the old ones in so you get the right replacement ones.

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    sorted just took filter out and washed it hey presto instant hero
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