Anyone good with MS Access and SQL statements regarding Database Design

    Hi im working on a project where creating a database
    Its regarding a car mechanic company who go out and repair broken down or cars what have been in an accident.

    Anyway the main target behind it is once iv created the database, i want to be able to be able to use data mining tools to find 2 ways of analysing two different parts of the business.

    For example. For every job 2 technicians get sent out. Each technician varies on level of skill/qualification.

    So some sort of SQL to show how the level of job efficiency is affected by what technicians are paired together..

    Efficiency being judged by how long they take to repair (arrival time on the scene to leaving time)

    The above sounds so brief, but hopefully someone will understand what i mean. Just looking for an outside perspective.


    Your answer depends on what you database looks like. Plus you need to provide more detail.

    Original Poster

    I will take some screen shots to show the basic design. Im just changing some stuff around for now. Will have it up in an hour or so.

    Cheers for the reply back.


    Is this a real product or a school project?

    its a exam for his next job (his interview is tomorrow!) lol

    Your answer depends on what you database looks like.

    Was the database designed? Or is it just a bunch of tables thrown together? Do you have a Logical Process Model?
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