Anyone good with Pc's?

    Hi at work i have a compaq pc. Really old one.

    The problem is that it keeps making a beeping sound. Continous too. Also the light on the motherboard is constantly on too - orange colour.

    Anyone know a solution to this?

    It makes the sound as soon as you power on the desktop. Although everything else works fine.


    take your coffee mug off the keyboard

    yeah check that nothing is pressing any keys down on bootup

    unplug the speakers or mute it

    typical Helpdesk solution: restart the pc lol

    hello IT

    have you tried turning it off and on again?


    yeah check that nothing is pressing any keys down on bootup

    Or try a different keyboard.

    if its beeping on start up before the windows screen that usually indicates bad RAM

    Original Poster

    Lots of suggestion and thank you

    Nothing is pressing the keyboard. I will crack on with it tommorow and hopefully that will sort it out

    Sounds like an after POST beep kinda thing, normally you get beeps and then it wont POST. Sounds like it is anyways. I would check all the components are seated correctly on the motherboard and all the connections are fully in. It could be something simple like a bios setting too, if you aren't confident in opening up the PC best to take it down to a local computer repair shop
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