Anyone got

    a rapid share account i can use for like 5 mins??

    27kbps doesnt cut it for me


    lol 27kbs.
    invest in broadband

    black gerbil1;3929303

    lol 27kbs.invest in broadband

    Rapidshare is slow as a free user!!

    Illegality. Tut tut Dean.


    brb pretending to be bg1 lol wut

    Downloading 'Debbie does Dallas' from rapid share takes longer than 5 mins

    Doh! :w00t:

    I got an account, I was laughed at and got called all sorts when I asked for the same thing! Let me know here if you need it.

    I get 200 odd speed , and im a free user?
    Thats what I normally get ?


    I get 200 odd speed , and im a free user?Thats what I normally get ?

    Is it? that sounds pretty fast... i thought they limited the speed for free users....:)

    So did i?
    My normal speed is around 250 ill check in a min

    free user used to be so fast like 700kb for me, then they gave it all to premium users

    Yeah im only getting between 35-66
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