Anyone Got a 20% or more code for asos

Anyone Got a 20% or more code for asos, as ive seen the 10% but would like more money off :thumbsup:


On the hunt for one myself...

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now this is quiet 4 an asos code, usually sum1 pops up with a 20%

Can't be any in circulation mate...

I've been looking for one as well, haven't seen any new ones for a couple of weeks

Things are getting desperate now!

i want one too... saw a jacket i liked but... :-(

Know what you mean paperclip.

I am looking to place a big order so 20% would sweeten the deal!

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Gettin Desperate 4 these tops b4 bank hol, might even resort to using the 10% code :-(

Resist the urge brother, one has got to be released shortly...

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we hope :whistling:

C'mon ASOS, spit one out.. I want some new shoesssssss.

*Must resist the temptation to just use 10% code*


Is there any code that works? Even the 10% codes don't work anymore. Somebody knows one?? 20% would be nice! Thanks

It's been ages since the last 20% one...

*Hands round virtual tea and biscuits to the waiting crowd*

I think there is gonna be a 20% code released at the start of May.

Think my magazine said there would be one in next issue ... not 100% sure. Will post if it does :-D

Yep Company Magazine are offering 20% discount but it involves lucky numbers and registering and I think one use per person. Will register with the number and post the code anyway.

Might sound a bit silly.

But whats Company Magazine?


Unfortunatly, it looks like ASOS is cutting down multiple use of the same code.

I have bought June's issue of Company, and now you have the go to [url]www.getlippy.com[/url], companys new website, and type in a unique lucky number which is printed on the front of each magazine. Once registered, wait to receive your email with an unique code for using with ASOS.

T&C'S - Users are only eligible to regisiter once, and the system will recognise if the Company lucky number has already been used. The code is only valid for one week from May 28 to 3 June. So I can't even use it til the end of the month!!
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