anyone got a day one xbox one/ps4 that is still working?

    Wanted to see how well these consoles are made overall


    I have both, PS4 is dead and Xbox is fine. Got one s now and a slim PS4.

    I use the day one console a lot as that's in the game room, the one s is in the living room.

    My xbox day one console still works fine. It was registered in the preview program whilst it was my main console, but it's since been removed from the program and used in another room after I got my xbox one s. I still use my day one console and I've never had a problem with it thankfully.

    I also still use my day one controller with it, although the left stick is sometimes unresponsive, which is the only problem I've had.

    My PS4 gets less use and that is also still going without a problem. That did sound like a jet engine when I had it standing on its side and playing a game from a disc, but now that it lays flat the sound has greatly reduced.

    Still got my day one xbox no problems at all but I don't watch TV through it, so it's not always on. It has seen a lot of use over the years. The day one controller died about a year ago the right stick kept drifting up.

    still got launch ps4 no issues whatsoever but I am trading it in for the pro

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    Thanks for letting me know. Just wanting a console that will last me 3/4 years

    I have both since day 1 and they consoles have been fine since day 1. However the controllers haven't lasted that long.....

    day one xbox still running all good

    Day one PS4 used daily and still going strong.

    Xbox Day One is running fine - never had an issue

    My PS4's still going strong, having had fairly heavy use.

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    I have a day one xbox, I've had no problems.

    Ps4 going fine. Controllers are mangled, all the covering is peeled off the sticks. One of them the right stick works all by itself

    I have had both since release and both have had heavy use.The Xbox controller is abit squeaky now but other than that it's all fine.

    Day One, and controller still working fine. It will be going in the lounge and used less when the Scorpio arrives

    Day one just sold everything worked perfectly !

    Xbox day one still going , on controller number 5 .
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