Anyone got a good price for Liverpool airport parking please??

Found 23rd Jul 2008
Flying out Friday for two weeks..partner will drop us off and park. Cheapest I can find is £42. I have looked at quidco but cant beat that even with it.
Anyone any better suggestions as a taxi would cost £44 anyway?
Thanks in advance!!!!



I posted something similar earlier this year. I ended up using Liverpool Park & Fly, a local firm where you go and park at their premises, bout 10 mins from the airport, they take you by minibus to the airport and collect you when you get back.

It was really good as they drop you off right by the doors. Definately use them again x


i use skypark when travelling from liverpool. it's about 35-40 for two weeks, secure parking, they transfer you to and from the airport. really friendly - have used them 15+ times and never had a problem.

i think it's called sky park secure, hang on and i'll get you a link

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thanks papasmurf will look at that!


try [url]www.simplyparking.co.uk[/url]

I usually find them cheapest

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still £45 unless you have a promo code?

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try [url]www.simplyparking.co.uk[/url]I usually find them cheapest

oh its even more!!! £51.49 but on airport..

can no one on here offer a lift for x amount ...???

cheaper than a taxi:thumbsup:

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can no one on here offer a lift for x amount ...???cheaper than a … can no one on here offer a lift for x amount ...???cheaper than a taxi:thumbsup:

no because there will b 5 of us-and my car is big enough ifi had someone to drive it but for a variety of reasons no-one i know is insured to drive it!!:roll:



oh its even more!!! £51.49 but on airport..

dont normally travel from Liverpool right enough.................!
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