anyone got a gta 4 100% save file ps3

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Found 26th May 2008
im just no good at this game so would like a game save file,anyone got one for the ps3


lol thats no fun

how long have you played it for, why bother getting a 100% game save, whats the point?

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hehe i know but i just want mess about on it,dont realy want to have to pay for a save file of ebay so anyone have one please

My god, if you just want to roam the whole city killing random folk just play the free play games online. sheesh.
Why even bother buying the thing?

ive completed the story, used a couple of cheats since and now i just mess about on it too. havent bothered getting the 100% save as it seems a little pointless unless you get something cool for it?

I have completed it, around 75% success rate on missions. ( my wee cousin played it non stop for about a week)

If you REALLY want a copy of my save file, I will get it out of the PS3 tomorrow.

But remember, do you REALLY want to cheat at it.

I don't understand why someone would do it, but you can get complete saved games here.…tml

People really sell them on eBay? My god I should just start selling them, lol.

Rockstar are doing a competition if its still on as it was only open for the first week of release by where you needed to complete the game 100% within the first week and rockstar would send you a key to liberty city sort of medallion in a presentation box. They extended the competition by a few weeks but not sure if it's still on but you cannot use cheats apparantly as they will know when theyb check you info out
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