Anyone got a Huawei p20 pro mate

Posted 15th Nov
hey everyone , I have a Huawei p20 pro mate . I have noticed that there is a bump or lump towards the bottom of the screen (right hand side ) it's not notice able by looking but can be felt when lightly running your finger along it .

is it a fault in the screen? or a component underneath .

is it a characteristic of the handset

can you check your own handset and let me know .
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The bump is around the green circle .
I touched the green circle. Didn't feel any bump
Is it a p20 Pro or a mate 20 Pro, not that it makes a difference, you have just listed every phone huawei made last year, I developed a screen fault on my mate 20 Pro I just got in touch via Live chat on their hicare app and arranged a repair under warranty, mine was a purple line down the full length of the screen
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I don't have an issue with my Mate 20 pro
Thanks for the feedback
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