Anyone got a Humax PVR9150T? Having a problem with mine

Found 14th Dec 2009
So I've just got a new Humax PVR9150T and I'm having a problem with it and was hoping someone here could help:

Using the set-up menu, screen ratio on the Humax has been set at 16:9 and my TV is currently set to "wide".
However when watching some programmes, eg Simpsons on Ch4, Family Guy on BBC3 etc, the display automatically sets itself to 4:3 and I have to manually change my TV settings to watch them in wide. And the problem re-occurs after a commercial break during the programme even if the picture was OK before the break.
Had a similar problem on my old Thomson PVR (piece of crap that was!) whenever the latest software installation occurred. Tried getting updated software for the Humax but none is currently available.

Anyone else had the same prob and, if so, what did you do to rectify it?
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I have the same box and don't seem to have problems with it, although i have the screen ratio set to Auto on both the Humax and the TV

Family Guy is a bit weird i think, on the box upstairs it auto changes to 4:3
Can't help but there's a similar known issue if you look here (waiting on Humax update) [URL="ht"]ht[/URL]
Thanks for the input guys.
I have a humax and I think you will have to set your TV to 14.9 or 16.9. family guy usually appears as 4.3 even on the computer .
however if you feel this is not the problem here is the forum to ask questions…ms/
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