Anyone got a Hyundai i30 or similar?

Found 12th Jul 2010
Hi. Officially I know little about cars. I am looking for a 2nd hand vw golf at the moment (a couple of years old). I need to get a car within next 2 weeks. It has just occured to me I could get a new Hyundai i30 or similar for same money. Is it any good or is there just no comparison. Thanks. Fairy
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The Hyundai i30, like all new Hyundai's has a 5 year warranty, the very similar Kia Ceed has a 7 year warranty.

Look at the Kia range, they all have a 7 year warranty.
But are they like baked bean tins in comparison?
kia ceed is the same car but with a newer sleeker body shape
im in one today!!!! my jag is in for repair so they gave me one of these, its ok, nothing spectacular but i guess its pretty cheap?
hyundai's are very well built and reliable cars,
your paying £££ for the badge with vw's
I've used Hyundai's as training cars for years and they are very reliable - not particularly exciting but well put together and never had any trouble with them - the first one did over 135,000 miles and I gave it to my dad after I finished with it !

Had 3 more after that and was looking at the i20 and i30 last year when it was time to trade in, unfortunately due to the scrappage scheme they were so popular that the wait time was longer than I wanted so I changed brands, but that's the only reason otherwise I would have stayed with them. The 5 year warranty is unlimited mileage and as I do approx 35,000miles/yr that's worth a lot.
A new Hyundai or Kia is far more reliable than a new VW.
I took delivery of an i30 1.6CRDi Premium 21 October last year and a i20 1.4 Style on 1 March this year for the missus. Both have been as good as expected

The only downside for my i30 is the small boot space, but luckily I kept my Zafira so had a good work horse to run stuff to the dump during building work. To be fair, its my only negative.

The diesel is actually very nippy and its nice to be driving a car that gives 60mpg + and £35pa road tax.

Its unfortunate that Hyundai were the biggest success under the scrappage scheme becaue it has seen them hike the prices a fair bit.When I first looked at the i20 last June, under scrappage it was £6950. I eventually placed the order at the end of October and the price had risen to £7750.. By the time it was collected, the price had risen to £8600. (Those prices are obviously scrappage prices and no longer applicable - but it shows the increases rather well over a 9 month period!)

It certainly gets my seal of approval though. However, like all things, expect to hit a rapid depreciation in its first year. The VW you mention will obviously depreciate, but in 2 years time would actually probably be worth more than your "new" i30. Something to bare in mind, though it sure is nice buying a couple of new cars. It actually winds some people up for some unknown reason!
I bought an i20 under scrappage scheme. Then returned it & exchanged for new i20 under exchange scheme. so had 2 new cars in 1 year. Thanks to Hyundai. Nice car. Does what its meant to be. I have been to France over my car once. No trouble at all.
you seriously considering an i30 over a golf?
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