Found 29th May 2008
Our girl kitten is about a month half old and we still aren't letting out as its still little

Thing is tonight im sure i can smell cats p****, am i right that they might start spraying now ? iv been in every other room and cant smell it but when im sitting here in the living room im sure i can smell it.
She has maybe had an accident but iv looked in all the places where she could have went, surely she isnt spraying furniture ....nooooooo


We've had (an have got) loads of cats - never known a girl spray and even when they use a litter tray female cat's pee doesn't smell much. Can't imagine this is your cat. Haven't had an intruder have you ? (as in someone else's cat).

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Hmmm yeh your right that it doesnt smell coz iv cleaned out the tray and it doesnt smell, not as half as bad as an adult girls wee.
Well were a floor up so another cat couldnt get in so its not that, she is litter trained.
there isnt anything in the living room that could have the urine on it

im smelling really hard and there is a smell ..... beats me folks lol

I thought we'd had a cat spray in the house the other nght - it wasnt - it was my son's shoes!!!

I've got a scented candle that smells like cat wee! Only used it once though......

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I've got a scented candle that smells like cat wee! Only used it once … I've got a scented candle that smells like cat wee! Only used it once though......

Really ?? :?:?:p

Female cats do spray when they are feeling anxious.

We had 2 female cats but the older cat loathed her younger 'sister'. She was OK as long as I was there to give her extra attention and could get out of the house for a while.

I had to go away for a couple of weeks leaving a sitter to feed the cats. When I returned there was a shocking smell in the bathroom. lol. What a pong!!!

I cleaned all the surfaces, tiles, even the windows, the lot, thinking that one of the cats had had an accident away from the litter tray but the smell was so strong and obviously spray. The house hadn't been open so a male had not visited.

I cleared out everything, towels, bath robes, the lot and the smell went. One of the cats and I'm prettty sure it was the older tortie, had sprayed my face flannel that was laid on the bath shelf.

only thing i can think of besides what's already mentioned is the kitten threw up. did u start feeding her with hard food?


Really ?? :?:?:p

Well, it was supposed to be strawberries and cream, so I was a little disappointed. With 4 cats, I have plenty of cat wee smell available at all times - I don't need to buy it!

My vet said all cats male or female have the ability to spay. I've seen one of my girl cats spraying in the woods opposite my house often.
They can spray when they get nervous or feel unwell. If you suddenly change things in your house like large items of furniture, they may do it onto the new or moved furniture. I find the best way to deal with this is to get a Feliway plug-in and get some feliway spray. Its mimics cats feel good hormones - the ones they use when they rub their faces against doors, furniture,people. It is meant to relax them and encourage them to use there feel good hormones instead of their stressed out pee hormones. I used it for my male cat who was quite tmid at one point and sprayed a couple of times - it works!
If you find out where the pee is, don't use lemon sprays or bleach/ammonia as these can encourage them to pee there more, and doesn't actually shift the odour properly.
Use washing powder diluted in hot water and wash the area with it. It shifts the odour by breaking down the proteins in the cat urine which casue the offensive smell.
Hope this helps.

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thanks for all the help
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