Anyone got a link to Amazons price match policy?

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Thx - what about when goods bought within a 30day policy from Amazon are subsequently sold at a lower price? I thought in this situation they did refund, but I cant find the link.
Thx again
I thought that they discontinued the 30 day price match at the same time that they began the free delivery for £5 and up...
Correct - they no longer do this "price drop" policy
As far as I know they stopped price matching at the end of September

Found this on their website

Price Matching
Amazon.co.uk does not price-match with other retailers (including third-party sellers who sell their items on our website). We do, however, consistently work toward maintaining competitive prices on everything we carry.
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thx guys (and apologies for confusing price match & price drop!)
if you have bought something from them and the price has dropped, email customer services and explain. i got a £40 refund on the sony tv they reduced to £329.
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