Anyone got a promo code for Good Food Show, Birmingham?

    I'm looking for a promo code for Good Food Show, Birmingham. Last year i believe it was in Good Food magazine, but was looking at booking tonight and don't have a magazine.
    Any help appreciated


    BBC magazine readers, refer to the latest issue for your discount code.

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    is the code in current issue of Good Food then? If so i'll get it tomorrow then, just thought was a little early as show not till late Nov

    this is on the Good Food Show ]website, i assume ... can you not open the mag and see if it's there before buying.

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    i don't mind buying it, i was just going to try and book it tonight - will check website though, thanks

    good luck m8! hope u find what you're looking for.

    My mum has a subscription to the good food magazine. Don't buy it tomorrow if you are only getting it for the promo code, I'll have a look for you if that would help.

    EDIT: Just went and looked downstairs in the sitting room and couldn't find it. I'll ask my mum tomorrow if you'd like.

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    that would be great thank you

    I am so sorry I didn't reply earlier, I totally forgot - feel really guilty! And the magazine has been read already and taken to the doctors surgery - we take our old mags there rather than recycling sometimes.
    I hope you managed to get a code and enjoy the show.
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