Anyone got a SOFAR Solar inverter?

Posted 25th Jul 2015
I've just had a 4kW solar system installed (Friday) It just so happened Friday night i walked into the garage where the inverter is installed and noticed the inverter was coming on then shutting down (stating "wait 30 secs initializing") the 2 red error leds also came on briefly everytime it restarted, this continued for quite a while starting, powering down, then starting up again until it died all together. Is this correct, as i'm sure it shouldn't do that? I'm guessing the mains isn't wired into it correctly to power it after the sun has gone down and its only got a supply from my panels therefore its only got power when the panels are supplying something?

Tried phoning the company and the electricians who installed it but typical can't get through to anyone because of the weekend.

It was working as normal again this morning when the sun came up, just really worried its going to damage the system due to this issue (that also happened again tonight when the sun went down).

Hoping someone will have a similar setup and can shed some light on this matter :-)
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the main power has nothing to do with solar panels at all you have promlemswith the panels set up .when the sun go up it charged the panel to feed in to the main supply ok
I understand the panels feed back into the grid (mains) but it looks like they also power the inverter so i can read the display. But when there is no supply from my panels the inverter dies, i would have thought this would have had a seperate supply from the mains to keep it powered up at night when there is nothing coming from the panels??
no all the power from panel will feed the inverterand all the other stuff regarding solar there is no power from the main that will go go to inverter it is one way only that to the main ok hope you undertstand the power from the sun willgo to panel then inverter to be converted into voltage straight to the grid you have got something wrong form the panel onto inverter i check all the fittings again ok
Cheers ratbag, the Gr33n Solar company installed it, so it's the electricians they used who need to sort it, which is starting to become an issue as it's the 5th time I've contacted them now and still no one had been out to have a look!!

Should the inverter panel remain powered up when the sun goes down then, or at least do some sort of controlled shutdown? Rather than shutdown, start up, shutdown, start up, shutdown etc until it totally dies?

when the sun come out it will power the whole lot up then it runs on it own ok then it will feed the grid
sounds normal behaviour to me. My inverter does this at start-up until the threshold voltage level is achieved then it stays on as it gets brighter. Similarly when powering down in evening it can power off then try to reconnect a few times if the voltage generated is around the threshold level.
Dean look like youv'e got the answer the system powers up and down cycle seems normal behaviour,if it does the morning power cycle as yours does then seems ok.
Seems like that cycle is it trying to get the fix of stable 240volts with no error code coming on but initialising shown should be ok?

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Cheers for all the info, finally got confirmation from the tech people at Gr33n and like a few of you have said it is working normally.

Just hope the weather improves now as its done nothing but rain ever since i had them installed :-P
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