Anyone Got A Spare Invite To Scenetorrents ?

    OK with the demise of atm ive been reading up on trackers and the best one that everyone recommends is Scenetorrents. So anyone got a spare invite that they wouldnt mind going to a good home... regular seeder with proven 1:1 ratio and over 4 years registered user on filelist (amongst others) with no infringements whatsoever.

    Just wouldnt mind this site, yes i know there are lots of others out there, but most people seem to say this is the best ? Anyone fancy helping me out ?


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    Ahh didnt see that coz ive been busy over weekend. Damn so i take it its payasyougo only then lol ! TBH i cant see why anyone would want to pay for an invite unless they are really desparate. I was hoping they were handed out to regular seeders but obviously not :-(

    Shame about filelist over the past few months... i was very happy there but all seems to have gone kaput, along with one of its sister sites :whistling:

    With some of the main torrents sites going down recently though i bet its gonna be hard to get new memberships with them all being invite only. Seems the so called torrent scene lately has locked its doors a bit tighter.


    cant beat demonoid


    cant beat demonoid

    I never liked that one. Much prefer iptorrent and bitsoup :thumbsup:

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    Yep i still have trusty old bitsoup to fall back on... but its my last one other than going public like TPB or mininova :-(

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    I take it iptorrent is invite only babbabooey ? If so is it another one where you have to pay to get invites ?


    I take it iptorrent is invite only babbabooey ? If so is it another one … I take it iptorrent is invite only babbabooey ? If so is it another one where you have to pay to get invites ?

    Yes invite only, but you dont have to pay to get them, if your ratio is good they hand them out.
    Got anything good to trade?

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    Hmm not really m8... im down to bitsoup only and they dont give out invites, as far as i know :-(

    Filelist now seems dead in the water so no point there either lol !

    Anybody use waffles?

    I used to but they seem to have deleted my account (presumably for inactivity) since they changed the homepage to the wiki-looking page.

    If anyone is a member, do they have an IRC channel i can go to and see if they'll restore my account?

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    Got anything good to trade?

    A half eaten packet of Cheese & Onion crisps and my wife's used Bridget Jones pants ?



    h33t is pretty good

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    Just sent out a request to someone for an invite to torrentleech. Hopefully ill get a reply through Filelist but its playing the waiting game. We'll see.

    Torrents fail, warez-bb is SO much better for me :O
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