Anyone Got A Spare Orange Wednesday Code ???

    Can anyone get me a Orange Wednesday code please. I will be willing to pay back the cost of the text, I just lost my orange sim, so can't get it myself. Thanks.


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    Anyone, because I'm heading off soon and would really like one. Any of those numerous generous HUKD members willing to help me out :-D

    Hey. I have one. Will PM u.

    Shayr1992, did you manage to get it???

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    Yeah, thanks very much abz123. You're awesome, i've repped you. Didsn't actually get it in time though, but thanks for the effort. I suppose I'll PM the code to anyone who still wants it and plans on going to the cinema later today courtesy of abz (unless the code actually carries over to the next week).


    Shayr1992, did you manage to get it???

    Did you want the code jngothi?
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