Anyone got a Worcester boiler?

Found 20th Dec 2017
Being offered a Worcester combi boiler wondering how others have fared with this brand of boiler?
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I have one that was installed when the house was built (1985).
Incredibly reliable piece of kit.
Got one installed when I moved in by the recommendation that it is one of the best you can buy. It was not the cheapest
Yeah I have one of the top spec models, they're great one of the best and instantly hot, the only gripe I have is that the top models have the smart wave panel, and they're less supported then hive, they have their own app that works great but there's no support with the likes of Google home etc but if that's not an issue and you're fine just using the app then I can recommend it!
Mines older than me...(excited) well very old, and reliable
We’ve had a Condensor for 12 years now, never had any problem
Mines 10 years old and still going brilliantly. Parts aren’t cheap so I was recently advised it might be good value to take out one of the monthly service and breakdown boiler cover things...
Had one for a few years now, had no issues with it and it works well.
You won’t regret paying the extra well worth it for peace of mind. We had one fitted nearly 11 years ago and 🤞no problems yet. Just missed a flame deer typing this
Worcester Bosch are great boilers. get a price on vailant with the same Kw. make sure the price you been offered is with the thermostat and magnetic cleaner fitted too. should come with a minimum 5 year warranty , some installers give 7 years.
Had a 42CDi for ~10yrs. No problems at with it so far.
My boiler has been in daily use for 32 years and the only replacements have been one slave tank (over 20 years ago) and a new Oil Pump/Motor about 4 years ago.
Everything else bar service items (Nozzle/Hose) is original.
We had one fitted 12 months ago to replace a 12 year old Baxi
parsimony3 h, 10 m ago

I have one that was installed when the house was built (1985).Incredibly …I have one that was installed when the house was built (1985).Incredibly reliable piece of kit.

Same here. Mines a 9.24 electric.

I need to do the diverter valve seals on it again, but I've connected it to a Salus RT500, and it's been great. Probably not super economical on paper, but it's cheaper than installing a new one!
I believe they are one of the best ones
Do they still use the radio frequency thermostats?
termite7 m ago

Do they still use the radio frequency thermostats?

You can still buy them new, yes. Salus ones, that is
We replaced our Ferroli combi boiler three years ago and not had any problems, we did notice our gas bill reduce by 30% though
Had my Worcester 35cdi for 18 year now , just been the best boiler we ever had. British Gas were doing some good deals for a while , maybe worth a look.
Just had one installed a few months ago - compact so it's hidden behind a cupboard door.

This site seems to have the best prices:…ler
My parents had one fitted, maybe 2 years ago, within 4 days it was leaking water, the internals are plastic/rubber part was fitted-umder warranty, and its been fine since, but guess it won't last like their ultra reliable glow worm... life I guesd
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