Anyone Got An Ernest Jones Jewellers Discount Code

Found 17th Nov 2009
Looking for an Ernest Jones Jewellers Discount Code if anyonr has one please.


I know someone who is selling an £800 voucher for £600 if you are interested let me know, I will put you in touch with her

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Can it be split. Just looking at spending £300

not sure, ill ask her and get back to you

she will buy you the £300 item for £250. Let me know what it is you want to order and she will buy it for you and ley you know when it arrives. You can then pay cash on collection or whatever. We live in Llandudno

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Thanks but can get 14% quidco with EJ. On £300 that is £42 so only saving £8-00 less the postage doesn't save me that much.
Thanks for trying though.
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